Charles Burke

Though I have often painted in different media, I keep returning to the flexibility and historical permanence of oil paint.

The works come from an emotional reaction to the environment; sometimes a scene makes us marvel; containing all the elements of a good painting it offers us a challenge to capture and convey our reaction.

There is an honesty in working on location: I work best one-on-one with nature. Studying at the Cape Cod School of Art has helped that Impressionist-base approach.

As a professional musician and an artist I have come to see the direct relationship between art and music and do a presentation concerning this, via quantum physics.

Through physics, paintings can be based on the harmonic structures and progressions of J.S. Bach: hue (colour) is pitch, chroma is volume, value is timbre, medium is orchestration; the construct is a product of time, space and technique.

Nature has all these qualities.

There is a harmony in nature which we strive to mirror in our art, and so I paint.