Charles Burke

Though I have often painted in different media, I keep returning to the flexibility and historical permanence of oil paint.

The works come from an emotional reaction to the environment; sometimes a scene makes us marvel; containing all the elements of a good painting it offers us a challenge to capture and convey our reaction.

There is an honesty in working on location: I work best one-on-one with nature. Studying at the Cape Cod School of Art has helped that Impressionist-base approach.

As a professional musician and an artist I have come to see the direct relationship between art and music and do a presentation concerning this, via quantum physics.

Through physics, paintings can be based on the harmonic structures and progressions of J.S. Bach: hue (colour) is pitch, chroma is volume, value is timbre, medium is orchestration; the construct is a product of time, space and technique.

Nature has all these qualities.

There is a harmony in nature which we strive to mirror in our art, and so I paint.

My paintings can be classified into 4 categories:

Landscape is my favourite subject, especially on-location plein air painting which allows an immediacy and honesty in approach. Many of my pieces are a result of hiking and are a product of sketching, photographing or image recollection.

Having had a wolf for a pet for seventeen years, I appreciate Animals as a favourite subject. I am particularly fond of horses which are intelligent and which can have varying attitudes.

These works illustrate the new Colour Theory I have developed on physics and the structures and progressions of Johann Sebastian Bach. It is very specific in relating to colour and sound.

These Giclee prints were professionally done and are in a PH Neutral protective sleeve and in PH Neutral matts ready for the frame of your choice. The image size is 24″ high by 36″ wide.